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The Chinese heron fluttering in spring flowers everywhere together feel the smell of spring!

Date: 2023-03-09

After the Awakening of Insects, the weather warms up, everything comes back to life, and the breath of spring comes to your face.

When spring comes, the weather is warm. Swans spread their wings like fairies

As the weather warms up and the ice melts, more than 400 swans have arrived at the Daling River in Beipiao city, Liaoning province. They bend their necks and bow their heads, sometimes spread their wings and flutter their wings, and glide gently across the lake, gracefully, like only dancing fairies, attracting people to watch and take photos.

The birds were migrating just as the grey cranes and wild geese arrived

In Guyuan County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, tens of thousands of grey cranes and wild geese have arrived from the south in recent days. They sometimes feed in the wetland flat, sometimes fly high, magnificent scene. The cranes and wild geese will stay in Guyuan until late March, waiting for the weather to warm up further before moving north.

Herons lightly compete for warm tree nesting habitat ecological beauty

In Dazizui Village, Sushan Township, Duchang County, Jiangxi province, thousands of herons fly back and forth in the woods behind the village, carrying branches to build nests in preparation for raising the next generation. It is understood that herons belong to the national second-class protected animals, every year from March to April, a large number of herons will come to settle down in Dazitsui Village. The villagers also regard this bird as an auspicious bird and take good care of it and watch over it carefully, so that it can live in the village in peace.

Cherry blossom blossom everywhere fragrance outing to enjoy the spring

The grass is long and the spring scenery is boundless. In recent days, the cherry blossoms planted in Sinan County, Guizhou province, are blooming again and again. The blossoms, like clouds and snow, are beautiful under the early spring sunshine. Tourists walk among the flowers in small groups, the faint fragrance of flowers is refreshing, thick spring.

Visitors enjoy the beautiful scenery in the tea garden

In Zhaoping County, Hezhou, Guangxi, the green tea trees and pink peach blossoms in the tea gardens create a pleasant contrast. From a distance, they look like a pink ribbon around the high mountain tea gardens. Taking advantage of the fine weather, tourists are out of their homes to take photos and punch in the spring.

Tulou spring strong pastoral scenery is good

Rapeseed flowers are blooming in the Tulou scenic area of Nanjing County, Fujian province. Fields of rapeseed flowers mingle with tulou, and visitors walk in the sea of flowers, intoxicating themselves and enjoying the pleasant pastoral scenery.