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Charms Hotel was formally opened in October 2002. It neighbors “No. 1 Street of China”-Walking Street in Nanjing Road, where the traffic is very convenient and it is all within 15-minute walking distance to these key scenic spots such as Waitan.The Charms is only a ten-minute drive from Shanghai's main railway station and 20 minutes from Hongqiao Airport.[View Detail]    

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  • LoveSuseny
    Friends book room, great location, downtown center. room was a bit old.
  • jico1125
    Very good, good place, near to shopping places
  • aixingai
    Hotel location excellent, Nanjing East Road, across the street, a walk to the Bund., location, breakfast was expensive and not good, every time he goes out to eat breakfast
    All right
  • doris0311
    Hotel is a bit old, good location, convenient transportation, is recommended.
  • f17098
    Hotel is located in the downtown area, is also quite good. is slightly crowded room
  • julie999
    Every time a friend in Shanghai, the hotel is, cost-effective, highly recommended!
  • Banbanniu
    Good location, but the front desk staff do not know what's going on, like tenants owed them the always du face!
  • E02973514
    More convenient transportation, the environment can also.
  • gl011610
    Price/performance is very poor.
  • m00255783
    To the person who thinks the old but rooms are spacious, sleep hotel, no problems... surly is the front desk employee.
  • CRG1155
    Since I was a travelling companion of the hotel reviews before choosing, I carefully evaluated under the location was good, next to the pedestrian street, but the bed was too small, 1 m wide; bed should not use carpets is rotten and dirty mildew odor; Room only two racks with the waiter to say no; these are, difficult to stand next to the 6:30 A.M. not to decorate the House larger than Thunder. also in a half asleep daze, booked nearby hotel, only twenty or thirty more, moveCome and look too much! health, size of room and bed, good mood!
  • liuying1502003
    1, every time I'm in Shanghai is stay at this hotel, very good location, working out is very convenient for shopping or go to the Bund, high cost, facilities may be older, but acceptable. 2, check out process quickly.
  • iliotge
    Every blessing!
  • firejin
    Not bad, convenient for travel
  • anconda
    A very good environment and service.
  • stonyself
    Near the Bund, traffic facilities, hotel facilities, price/performance
  • carmp3
    Hotel location is very good, Super near Nanjing Road pedestrian street, the Bund, Yu garden, Temple, are also close by, hotel and although it is early, but the facilities are not old, recommend entry
  • cscs9999
    Facilities and equipment, some old, but lots better and convenient.
  • lin deming
    Good location, convenience, health is in good condition. woman at the front desk check-in fast, cost-effective, the hotel is surrounded by many restaurants, eating convenience. is near from the Metro Line 2 subway line, to the airport, train station more quickly.
  • tclucy728
    Although hotels and some old, others are good ... excellent location, very convenient.
  • e01756046
    Location is great, service is also very good, quiet, away from the Bund, YuYuan garden are very close, past shopping is convenient, this way, each time you come to Shanghai, it is recommended
  • puyanger
    Very good, has volunteered to help us upgrade, location is great, will always select the blessing.
  • fanmei9622
    Help friends book should okay! good convenient location
  • lu_1360671
    Hotel location is good, service good, would stay there again next time, is recommended.
  • morning1019
    Location was good, and around convenience, service to boast about
  • randsa
    Small room
  • luluxue
    Samsung's listing, but high cost performance in the lobby, go out the Nanjing Road pedestrian street, shopping is very convenient and walk from the Bund passed! Metro at people's square station 1.2. Line 8 line in this transfer, so conveniently located next to a lot of food, such as home ... There are many five-star luxury hotel, Shanghai hotel is not cheap however, so this Samsung for the location of this standard and the price is well worth it!
  • bi6ion2
    Hotel man smiles at the front desk that people don't feel so uncomfortable and I don't owe you money the pattern of small floor height is too low for people who feel very depressed picture form is stay when waiting for hotel cleaning cleaning waited for half a hour!
  • andyblue
    Good health, and around convenience, service very good, is a House too old, some devices can't keep up, for the first time this stale room, bad water temperature adjustment, exhaust fan, even dropped, changed room no hairdryer, hotels of the same price here is not recommended!
  • mumu009
    Very good location, room is often full, value can be, if preferred shopping here
  • lam3174
    OK a little expensive but still services from Nanjing Road pedestrian street is very close to the entertainment
  • a286755629
    Highlights at this hotel is the location, facilities are old
  • e03543396
    Service good, cost-effective! next time you come, don't continued house price as well!
  • ssp Analyst
    Prices in this area is cheap, good, is already the second time staying at the
  • xjyps2
    In addition to the old point, good location, very convenient.
  • lovepeace1999
    Around the city very well
  • ALlen19886
    Hotel location is very good, shopping very convenient! but older
  • crystal_yy78
    General satisfactory but not personal cleaning kit (q) disposable razors or. feel that things in general are not a lot of room for breakfast the effect can be quite quiet
  • casper8102
    Good, that is, lost a tooth in it, and then call q has also been found in the past.
  • tmac1229
    Hotel location is very good, Jiujiang road, is near from the Zhejiang Zhong Road, not far from people's square, a small street is the street, very lively, Nice.
  • linar
    Which is very nice,
  • E04152089
    Hotel location is very good but a bit old
  • dad612
    Go to open the door, a foul odor came, room is in a mess and ask the receptionist says not ready, not ready to call people. came and toilets are always tasty, be sure to shut the bathroom door all the time!
  • jessiexu_bj
    The room is too small, service
  • gubingyc
    Surprise, the price to live in the urban area of this condition can really spacious ... next time will come
  • E00027599
    Very good location, pedestrian street of Nanjing Road, the Bund, people's square, Shanghai Museum is near, walk for 10 minutes. Facilities are not new but useful.
  • e00015152
    Good location, facilities a bit old
  • evon258
    Helping friend, N stay, like. great location, out crossing the street is Nanjing Road pedestrian street, in the location this hotel is really rare.
  • bravo8