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Charms Hotel was formally opened in October 2002. It neighbors “No. 1 Street of China”-Walking Street in Nanjing Road, where the traffic is very convenient and it is all within 15-minute walking distance to these key scenic spots such as Waitan.The Charms is only a ten-minute drive from Shanghai's main railway station and 20 minutes from Hongqiao Airport.[View Detail]    

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  • ruanwei65
    Mei ran, takes the subway to see the concert is very convenient.
  • doudoucat
    Very close to the Nanjing Road, but surrounding also very quiet
  • Gerle
    Location good make in the take static away from Nanjing Road across a article Street on to, to Bund go words somewhat tired to more than 20 minutes to wax museum is convenient sat Metro to East Pearl Line 2 line two Station Road. eat breakfast to backdoor has home designed do all kinds of porridge of taste or, most not satisfaction of is bathroom is bathtub access to carefully easy skid bath water is easy splash, make of bathroom ground full wet has water, taps water bad. air conditioning to force air-conditioning foot, but quilt thick has quilt hasWet bed cover too hot do not cover too cold very uncomfortable. health fair
  • superryan
    Hotel in great location, super convenient. but hotel facilities are relatively old, rooms at the time, room was very tense, room price than usual order is expensive, is not cost-effective.
  • alexanderle
    Location is good, close to the Bund, beside a metro station, convenient, hotel is clean and comfortable, reception staff friendly, very pleasant stay!
  • guorongming
    It's not bad!
  • eric_lxy
    Big city town centre costs are indeed high.
  • dsadas
    Around convenience, transportation, and meals are convenient, but the elevator slowly, wait longer.
  • Bonsoir365
    Very good hotel, worth staying at!
  • jeffen
    The best thing of this hotel is Location. Staff attitude no good, unfriendly. Room size is ok for a couple, but outside, next door talking, you can hear it very clear. Room is not that clean, there is ants and insect inside my room. This is first time for us staying this hotel, and also is the last time.
  • mmlgd
    Overall pretty good, convenient, is to walk on the edge! is the room too small, the facility is old!
  • lilingood
    Good hotel, convenient, sanitary service, and can be, is the room a little too small, rain water is too bad regulate!
  • xiaoliang
    Hotel location is good and convenient, so every time you book this hotel to a friend. the Deluxe, don't know if it's aging facilities, and price is low compared to business deluxe room a lot.
  • baby_bin
    Old shop is too old
  • m01538748
    Parallel to the Nanjing East Road, go out can take a taxi and bus, back alley with food and drink, supermarket there are several hotel price is not expensive.
  • e01233683
    Customers staying at n times
  • aliciatra
    Good location Hotel old nice overall good be live
  • absmaggie
    Very good location. prices are OK ... recommended!
  • mjgms
    Hotel location is very good, very convenient, a pleasant stay, if I had the opportunity to come to Shanghai again will select Fu.
  • lfy1013
  • dymalin
    The price is super deal
  • TJY70
    Convenient breakfast was poor but good Café
  • CJ0111
    Very poor service
  • bb_ma
    Not bad, but the price is a little high and your room is not
  • stone5a1
    Though very old, but the location is really good, it's the legendary bad service. satisfied
  • anonlyone
    OK, is the older hotel, room was small ... ... Front desk is slow, comfort can also
  • alexcy0228
    Room was very good, service was good, convenient
  • jungle
    Near people's square, super convenient! great!
  • bluesp
    OK! is waking up under MLM training was too noisy!
  • lady gaga
    Very old hotel, location first, next to Nanjing Road, Metro station 10 minutes, service improvement, there will be two rooms for two days, the first day more than 800, and the next day more than 900, but to the same room, room was very small, and deceive customers two-day room is the same. bathroom with room dividers, is transparent and is not recommended.
  • cooldoger
    Narrow room
  • aa1218
    Live here all the time, just because ... ...
  • Cindy99
    Good location, 100 metres from the pedestrian street of Nanjing Road are not to
  • amber86
    Hotel registered at the front desk was very poor, almost all old hotels like this! upgrade does not inform the hotel, also think to upgrade the greatest. do this service level is bad, and pass the buck to the ticket agent, this hotel will never live, two room doors come across too well!
  • lofo7222777
    It's not bad
  • george_n
    Very good location, not far from the Metro station and people's square, Nanjing East Road station, was more than 10 minutes to walk to the Bund, easy to eat around.
  • xbjimmy
    3 star hotels
  • candiceyoung
    The three Islamic restaurant nearby the hotel guests like, every time customers will choose here. go to the temple, the Bund is easy ... is definitely a good choice. Nanjing Road is going out, especially convenient!
  • laoyin0623
    The location of the hotel is very good, take the subway, bus is very convenient, near the food a lot, Street neighborhood is scenery! to Nanjing Road pedestrian street for a few minutes walking distance. service attitude is good, service is very high, very cozy, service efficiency is very high, we feel very satisfied.
  • lijunti0269
    Room was small, bathroom good, aging facilities
  • a5304587
    Too expensive and practice the difference is too big!
  • e00018637
    No window room or a PIN, called a dark, black and white ... ...
  • Maggiecao1985
    Away from Metro Line 2 line export is near, from Nanjing Road Street not far, hotel location superior. Hotel reflected Shanghai live features, pocket of lobby, pocket of rooms, room smallpox also is short, are so-called Sparrow grams is small, fully, big bed room within has refrigerator, microwave, safe, especially microwave in General Hotel does not more see. hotel in the foreigners live of many. hotel near of catering shop also many, is convenient. only of is room too small, this may and Shanghai this cityAbout
  • Billymo704
    Very good location! front Street is Nanjing Road pedestrian street! km away is the Bund! Metro station is also very near! environment of the hotel is good! every day to clean, room was spacious, on the Shanghai Centre, which is very good, and recommended, value-for-money has, we booked 2 rooms good value.
  • dannyboy
    The hotel service was very good location very good smaller clung to the Nanjing Road just a hotel room but overall it is pretty good and the recommended
  • iamadams
    Too loud can't sleep
  • dearli
    Peripheral but aging facilities
  • e04354050
    Almost from the company, and every time I preferred, hotel was good, nice
  • laodi2011
    Hotel great location was nice, but a little old, but in such a good position for this price is good
  • jamesyuan
    Every time he comes to live here, all is well, as that is.