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Charms Hotel was formally opened in October 2002. It neighbors “No. 1 Street of China”-Walking Street in Nanjing Road, where the traffic is very convenient and it is all within 15-minute walking distance to these key scenic spots such as Waitan.The Charms is only a ten-minute drive from Shanghai's main railway station and 20 minutes from Hongqiao Airport.[View Detail]    

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  • aliciatra
    Good location Hotel old nice overall good be live
  • carolliu1983
    Or something very close to the Nanjing Road and the Bund, traffic very convenient. very clean hotel, is the old facilities, fan sounds noisy, and then have a mirror behind the door, a door mirror on the bed, although without a bathtub, bathtub looked a little dirty. seems to be only window? in the Interior completely do not see how the weather is outside.
  • cindy810
    Location of the hotel is unbeatable, but otherwise nothing is good, I guess is the State-run hotel
  • a628120890
    Nice travel, accommodation very convenient! go out the pedestrian street of Nanjing Road and the Bund, not far from the garden, shopping was good enough. service OK.
  • e00217178
    Very good hotel, location very good, away from the tourist spots are very convenient, very close to the Metro, very satisfied
  • xixiao_0719
    Friends to subscribe this. the traffic is extremely convenient. restaurants around it.
  • daisy8931
    Check out missing a tablet in the room, to be able to check out at the front desk for 20 minutes housekeeping did not notify the front desk. and even if guests have found articles left in the room after you leave the hotel should phone the guests, the hotel's services the extreme poor
  • e00766277
    Hotel is very convenient.
  • e04259002
    Is quite satisfying, convenient access. the only regret is that more people, check-in and check-out to long lines, people cut in line, the quality is really bad!
  • bonbon88
    In this area is of great
  • ly181
    Good hotel, bad the workers are not kind,Good location
  • FlyingMan2009
    Travel convenience
  • storysong
    Good ~
  • e00229560
    Environment is very good, near downtown, is near from the Bund, the traffic is very convenient, very much.
    All right
  • albertccn
    Location and room facilities were very good. If service has improved a little bit better. Concierge to work at 6 in the morning, we waited until 6 o'clock, or not come, there is no way luggage, leading to our next appointment had to change accordingly. asked the front desk if we can hurry, answer no Concierge phone number, could not be contacted. is it lacks a little team spirit!
  • CRG1155
    Since I was a travelling companion of the hotel reviews before choosing, I carefully evaluated under the location was good, next to the pedestrian street, but the bed was too small, 1 m wide; bed should not use carpets is rotten and dirty mildew odor; Room only two racks with the waiter to say no; these are, difficult to stand next to the 6:30 A.M. not to decorate the House larger than Thunder. also in a half asleep daze, booked nearby hotel, only twenty or thirty more, moveCome and look too much! health, size of room and bed, good mood!
  • jiaweilue
    It's OK
  • ice0490
    Hotel is very good. very good. very good. very good. very good. very good. very good. very good. very good. very good.
  • laodi2011
    Transport facilities, facilities very good, the service is also very good. very pleased with, next time.
  • doubleli_123
    Location is near from the Nanjing pedestrian street, a few minutes walk to the people's square subway, convenient hotel facilities.
  • guoluting
    At the same time 2 rooms were reserved with the same requirements for 1 night so the service and the condition of the rooms could be compared easily. I could say that there was no differences between the two rooms, we received what we requested. There were seemed to be clear except of the carpet which is always a weakness of the Chinese hotel`s. At the location point of view it is so close to the Nanjing Road and the subway line 2.
  • cuncaojin
    Not far from the square, price for living people pretty much. older facilities, room when staying near there, but we had no effect on evening.
  • masterren
    Every blessing!
  • gy831252000
    Transport facilities, services and staff
  • cat ear
    Hotel room was very small, very old, renovated!
  • aying2000
    Associates scheduled to hear traffic very convenient location very good
  • feiyuedeng
    Except hotel of location compared good yiwai, really of no any worth recommended of place, from employees of service attitude to room of facilities equipment-front desk regardless of handle staying also is check out are is slow, also not enthusiasm-room Wi-Fi shaped with exist, with employees reaction yihou they said hotel network is such didn't approach, also a Deputy you of room signal has is good has to content of expression-OK only live has a late or is to depressed died-
  • investor
    Free upgrade to window, very comfortable. Hotel convenient snack a lot.
  • e03670220
    Very close to the Nanjing Road pedestrian street, 2 km walk on the Bund.
  • feixiass
    This hotel is very good. We almost stayed a whole month at this hotel. Good service, everyone we met were very friendly. I like this hotel.
  • treej2000
    Well, that is, San Francisco
  • Billlui
    Hotel was good, some small family room window, could not be opened. is around Nanjing pedestrian street, is also very convenient, go past 4, 5 minutes, Metro also walk there, took a taxi to the Oriental Pearl pass, about 20 Yuan, giving back to references
  • cancan.
    Well, next time
  • bingbingyouli
    Room was a bit small traffic very convenient
  • feelingpan
    Location is very good, bad water, bedding wet
  • maggie.lin
    Very good location, from the pedestrian street Super near ... ... Go out not far from the bus station, super convenient, smaller than imagined, but in Shanghai, the location, the price is good, great.
  • cindy916
    Hotel is very convenient in location where, every time you come to Shanghai to stay at this hotel.
  • cwwc1976
    Is very good
  • is me
    Health is good, the traffic is very convenient, is the TV sound is a bit noisy, well Oh!
  • swu1688
    Near convenience
  • grace_gu2000
    From the company close, very convenient.
  • EricWangMan
    Good, the price is more affordable
  • feng121781888
    Yes, very much
  • alexcy0228
    Room was very good, service was good, convenient
  • xiaoliang
    Hotel location is good and convenient, so every time you book this hotel to a friend. the Deluxe, don't know if it's aging facilities, and price is low compared to business deluxe room a lot.
  • menglong
    Location is good, near people's square, 8-minute walk to the hotel. 5 minutes by walk from Nanjing Road pedestrian street, around eating snacks a lot convenient. room was small, but very clean, also a microwave, WIFI.
  • Ciara10107
    All right
  • angell887
    Nice, big rooms, bathroom with bath, and washing machine. this hotel is good location, convenient shopping, if more people more fun Oh, come again.
  • axyf123
    Overall pretty good