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Charms Hotel was formally opened in October 2002. It neighbors “No. 1 Street of China”-Walking Street in Nanjing Road, where the traffic is very convenient and it is all within 15-minute walking distance to these key scenic spots such as Waitan.The Charms is only a ten-minute drive from Shanghai's main railway station and 20 minutes from Hongqiao Airport.[View Detail]    

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  • lijunti0269
    Room was small, bathroom good, aging facilities
  • a5304587
    Too expensive and practice the difference is too big!
  • e00018637
    No window room or a PIN, called a dark, black and white ... ...
  • Maggiecao1985
    Away from Metro Line 2 line export is near, from Nanjing Road Street not far, hotel location superior. Hotel reflected Shanghai live features, pocket of lobby, pocket of rooms, room smallpox also is short, are so-called Sparrow grams is small, fully, big bed room within has refrigerator, microwave, safe, especially microwave in General Hotel does not more see. hotel in the foreigners live of many. hotel near of catering shop also many, is convenient. only of is room too small, this may and Shanghai this cityAbout
  • Billymo704
    Very good location! front Street is Nanjing Road pedestrian street! km away is the Bund! Metro station is also very near! environment of the hotel is good! every day to clean, room was spacious, on the Shanghai Centre, which is very good, and recommended, value-for-money has, we booked 2 rooms good value.
  • dannyboy
    The hotel service was very good location very good smaller clung to the Nanjing Road just a hotel room but overall it is pretty good and the recommended
  • iamadams
    Too loud can't sleep
  • dearli
    Peripheral but aging facilities
  • e04354050
    Almost from the company, and every time I preferred, hotel was good, nice
  • laodi2011
    Hotel great location was nice, but a little old, but in such a good position for this price is good
  • jamesyuan
    Every time he comes to live here, all is well, as that is.
  • vagabond
    Good location, hotel, service, everything was very old, and under the proposed renovation renovation.
  • babyblue_888
    Night into the staff attitude poor, want to do the same. Online booking two days into waiter afforded a mistake one day, waking in the morning, going to lobby the formalities. But morning staff polite. Old hotel, shower facilities bad bad bad, 2 days over the day is cool. Fine bed. Location near Metro station.
  • a418400533
    Hotel very old, outdated facilities, value for money is poor, do not recommend
  • james1910
    Is the facility is a bit old but clean-
  • enocfu
    Front desk attitude, free room upgrade, small, standard
  • vanguard666
    All right
  • iris_peng
    In 1914, a top floor corner room, independent air conditioning the main engine on the balcony window, unable to sleep because ... remember next time stay in the room.
  • alex69
    Bathroom shower water cold water ' TV is too old
  • wawjxj
    Travel more convenient, price, room was a bit small, colored lights are not very
  • amanda198422
    Good location, service was good, business preferred. every time I basically live here, great, breakfast was expensive and not good, every time he goes out to eat breakfast
  • audreyyue
    1, the hotel location was excellent, from the people's square and Nanjing Road Metro station is very close to 2, is a whisker from Nanjing Road pedestrian street 3, around the snack bar is 4 more hotel rooms 5, located in the city centre, narrow roads, not very hard to find
  • laolan
    It's not bad
  • at8146
    Besides location, facilities in some old. the hotel service was not flattered, and everyone is better quality, to have enough patience. breakfast is not picky, you can eat.
  • fanxiaorao
    In counter handle staying procedures Shi by has full gas, counter of one special employees following referred to poor male attitude is let people annoyed, fundamental is didn't again talk people of, I is 3/14 noon 1 o'clock around staying of, has 15 minutes around round to I has, poor male a sentence words also didn't said also is I himself first said I to accommodation, poor male back documents I put documents handed to has he Hou silence long, I asked luxury room and standard room of difference, poor male back is as of, I asked but price not as ISet of prices is luxury room of price, is silence I asked can told I probably of room type did? is silence I asked I reservation room Shi has special indicate to has Windows of is silence, I said Mr you can back sentence words did, poor male back you himself up see has on know has, I dumbfounded had has 20 seconds around put I of credit card and signed alone lost of lost in I before, signed single Shang brush has 1700 Yuan to I signature, I asked prices is 638 Yuan deposit 200 Yuan why 1700 Yuan poor male notLanguage, began in I before constantly of sighed continuous sighed more than 10 times I fire has to poor male please cadres out asked asked this is what situation, even row in I behind of customer also repeatedly said service attitude too poor too poor, cadres out processing has repeatedly said sorry said he is special employees results originally just pay 823 Yuan is just brush has 1700 Yuan is shops did, make have full gas, into has set of room is has Windows of, but Windows is decorative with of fundamental open can't, toss has near 2 hours onlyFinally processing good live of problem, but mood is big by effect, drive to Shanghai on open has near 6 hours of car drive, wants to said do good staying procedures can NAP about, didn't thought just a simple of housing procedures was waste has so more of time put trip are to upset has, hotel of employees quality really of need upgrade improved, after all is big hotel, this situation is let people can't again staying has _
  • laiyan05
    All right
  • angle52008
    From HongQiao railway station, Line 2 people square exit 19th near Jiujiang road, which is ... and very close to the pedestrian street, HANJIANG road, the hotel's back door to food stores, good breakfast porridge to solve. I subscribed to business big bed room a bit small. staying the night are less demanding, mainly located. recommended again.
  • b531326682
    Helping friend, is a Thailand to colleagues, he was interested in the Bund, ordered Fu hotel, hotel facilities, especially the concierge staff were very friendly, overall very satisfied
  • je3nny
    Tranquility in quiet surroundings are too convenient, from the Nanjing Road pedestrian street, very close to the Metro station. hotel is comfortable, good location.
  • tanjunwei
    So so!
  • e03213348
    Convenient. high prices, rooms are not.
  • angelinej
    Front desk very slow, Dim the room, bedding was dirty is the most hated sleeping a bit uncomfortable.
  • np_abc6688
    Hotel location is really very, very good, surrounding traffic is convenient, but the interior needs to be improved, the carpet is a little dirty, windowless rooms smell a bit heavy, and another window of the room, the window is too small.
  • btan71
    Nanjing Road is going out, great location, reception very polite
  • eveng99
    Hotel is located in the downtown area, 20 minutes walk to the Bund, Nanjing Road is not far, the transportation is convenient, and going out is not far from Metro, but old facilities, ventilation is not good, with certain requirements of the room chosen.
  • cxg111
    Transportation is convenient, easy to find, hygiene and safety, overall very good
  • majialily
    Excellent choice
  • e00224375
    Near every blessing in the room is too small business as well as special rooms and beds also have spider-scary
  • lululi
    Lobby staff was poor.
  • jonann
  • meistar
    Hotel is located on the Nanjing pedestrian street, not far from the Metro station, very convenient. room network not too smooth, hot and cold water is not easy, need to be improved.
  • fanxing00198493
    This booking help friends, multiple occupancy, good location easy to do!
  • cindy7
    The second night, 20 square meters room, living room is very spacious, three-story, feeling some waste the window of the room
  • emissions
    The hotel is easily accessible, very good
  • niudi2007
    All right
  • La La
    General environment! Location is very good, where is very convenient
  • wll_000
  • ab1211
    Nanjing great hotel! service
  • agaer
    Have a place to live,
  • tonytangpu
    Tractor in the mattress, not good